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BOLD Decisions may not look as you expect

September 13, 20232 min read

When you imagine a BOLD decision - what does that look like? Speaking in front of a crowd of people? Standing up for someone (or yourself) in the face of opposition? Leaving a relationship? A job?  A town? These are all fine examples of BOLD decisions to be made.

A few years ago I decided to create a new business for myself. I didn’t really know how to do it, but I had a vision, and maybe I’m being overly dramatic but I kind of became “obsessed” about it. Eventually, I stated my big dream out loud to others, and it became a decision. I still needed to figure out the how (there was so much I didn’t know!), but the decision to create Gather (the physical space) had been made.

Almost 2 years to the day from that grand opening in October 2019, we removed all the furnishings and fixtures and turned in the keys, terminating our lease early. It was a difficult decision and a BOLD one. Everyone I spoke with, including the conversations I held with myself, could see both sides of the decision. While it was a business decision, it was also a very personal one. Would I tell myself (and would others think) that I gave up? Or would I instead believe that ending the lease was the smart decision and the one that would give me the most peace?

I’m so grateful to have closed down the space. The anxiety, worry, and wondering that came with holding on was not good for my mental health and the cash outflow was not good for the business! Would my business model ever be viable again, could we ever get to a place where the business actually made money? I didn’t see it happening with the way the pandemic was roller-coastering so we decided that closing was the best choice. A BOLD choice, and the right one. 

So I hope you know that when a decision takes you out of your comfort zone - however that looks - it’s a BOLD one. Your bravery, your willingness to try, and your decision to do what’s a little scary means you’re exercising that BOLD action muscle. Keep it up! It will pay off!

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Tracie Root

Tracie said goodbye to corporate life and found the world of coaching after a personal family tragedy. Tracie guides emerging entrepreneurial women who are ready to shift toward their next exciting chapter in business by creating a structured, sustainable, and successful business with excellent vision, skill, and decisive BOLD action.

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