To be BOLD in your Business you need Resilience

To be BOLD in your Business you need Resilience

July 27, 20231 min read

… and flexibility, positivity, and a growth-oriented mindset.

Flexibility is not only good for your body. It’s important in your business as well! A positive outlook is crucial to fostering your resilience, especially in business. 

Have you struggled with thinking things “should” be a certain way? That fixed mindset is not going to help you through tough times. 

Being resilient will allow you to respond and adapt quickly to disruptions or unplanned changes that could threaten your brand, your operations, or your reputation. When the pandemic began, so many of us relied on that innate resilience in order to change directions and continue on a productive path. Of those who could not, many didn’t survive. And we must still stay resilient and grow in new ways. We can’t go “back”! 

When I work with clients, this fixed vs growth mindset is one of the biggest indicators of potential success. I invite you today to find where you think you “can’t” and see how you can stretch and shift in new directions. I am here to support you if you want to talk through any challenges!

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Tracie Root

Tracie said goodbye to corporate life and found the world of coaching after a personal family tragedy. Tracie guides emerging entrepreneurial women who are ready to shift toward their next exciting chapter in business by creating a structured, sustainable, and successful business with excellent vision, skill, and decisive BOLD action.

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